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Maybe you just need to sleep

So much of psychological dysfunction can be tied to simple physical and mental burnout.

My first inkling of the influence of your physical state on your mental health actually came through my experience at a Vipassana meditation retreat.

We were not to receive dinner at this retreat, and so many people were fasting after 12PM. I found myself having intense anxiety (almost nearing panic) every single night. I sheepishly asked the coordinator if I could have a bedtime snack, and the anxiety disappeared completely.

Sometimes, you think you have to figure out your life’s purpose, but you really just need some macadamia nuts and a cold f*cking shower.” — Tony Robbins (pg. 213)

Maybe you have Major Depressive Disorder. Maybe you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Maybe, beyond reasonable doubt, you have some kind of psychiatric condition.

But what’s also possible, is that you are not sleeping enough. Or you’re not eating well. Or you’re drinking way too much coffee (guilty as charged).

So maybe you should just let yourself sleep. Stop forcing yourself to wake up at 6AM (guilty again). Maybe you just need a handful of macadamia nuts and a cold shower. Maybe your body just needs some TLC.

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